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About Building or Buying SigneT Dinghies

Are you looking to build or to buy new or to buy secondhand?

Originally the SigneT was conceived and designed as a self-build project to make dinghy sailing affordable and accessible to more people. The designer Ian Proctor said, “For the amateur builder, construction is simplicity itself.” There are no difficult shapes or bevels to cut and no steaming or soaking to get timber or ply to assume fancy shapes, eliminating the need for large spaces, specialist tools, or frames in the building process.

In addition the SigneT was designed for simplicity and strength. It was made to last. Construction is traditional glue and screw, so if the hull does get damaged then it is easy to repair. Being a wooden dinghy with clean lines and an open uncluttered cockpit, sanding and repainting, when necessary, is very straightforward. There are many 40-year-old SigneTs still as good as new.

Whilst some SigneTs are still being built as home-build projects, there are also professional builders willing to build to order or to supply kits. Many boats also change hands from the second hand list kept by the association.

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