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Second Hand List

The association keeps a list of second-hand boats for sale. Prices vary according to the condition of the boat. We are pleased to try and find good homes for any SigneTs, whether their owners are currently members of the association or not.

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STnnn "Boat_Name"

SigneT Dinghy For Sale


Email: to be supplied

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SigneT Dinghy For Sale
  • Tony Moore's father has owned Signet ST122 from new.
  • It is a very clean and tidy boat with new sails, road trailer etc., all original.
  • Everything required to sai.
  • He want’s to sell as it is hardly used now.

Tony Moore

Mobile: 07950706321

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ST693 "Pegasus"

SigneT Dinghy For Free - £0
  • It has been sat in Andy Boyne's front yard for a few years now and he does not have the energy to refurbish it.
  • It's structurally sound but needs redecking really.
  • As it's a shame to see it weathering away and he knows does not have the time to sort it, he would rather just give it away.
  • It will come with road trailer, launch trolley, lots of sails and the original bendy D section mast.
  • Would suit someone handy with carpentry skills as a little project, or someone who has someone with time on their hands like a grandad.
  • ST 693 was built by John Wareham and at one time was the fastest boat in the fleet
  • Buyer (£0) has to collect from Preston area (near the M6) because he has no towbar on his car.

Andy Boyne

Email: to be supplied


SigneT Dinghy For Sale

Stored lake District
Bed and breakfast included to anyone coming to view!

Peter Holt


SigneT Dinghy For Sale

Built: Self-built 2008 from a Fyne Boats kit
Fully rigged
Sails: Purchased from Evolution
Spars: all spars and rigging.
include the road trailer
Includes a rudder stock minus the blade which currently needs to be replaced
Lying at Hollowell

John Reeds

ST 641 The current owner has had ST641 for 4 years during which it has been sailed twice at Rutland Water and kept stored in a shed. Contact Tim Carline on 01949 81395 or 07774 121131
ST 144 "Femme Fatale" Currently in dry storage in Chelmsford in Essex. Good condition, new deck and floor. Comes with nice set of sails and a piggy back road trailer.
Asking price £600.
Contact Graham Farley on 07855 393517
ST 776 Currently in North Devon. In need of some repair – The outside is OK but there is work needed on the inside due to some ply separation. The mast and sails are in good condition. It has a launching trailer and is on a road trailer. Last sailed about 18 mths ago.
Asking price £200.
Contact Brian on 01271 375025

Most SigneTs are well built and made to last. The association keeps a fairly comprehensive list of boats, boats histories and previous owners. Therefore, the condition of most second hand SigneTs is reasonably well known. Some are well maintained and ready to sail, whilst others made need cosmetic attention to the paintwork etc. Occasionally older boats may need a little more attention. However, they are easy to repair it is usually easy to see what attention is needed and carry it out. Sometimes older boats may need seams taped to prevent minor leaking, something easily done when re-decking.

Unfortunately, demand for secondhand signeTs has again far outstripped supply (by about 3:1), and there are no SigneTs available at present.

While demand usually outstrips supply, the following are up for sale.

Please contact the class secretary (details on the contacts page) for the latest situation regarding any other recently available secondhand SigneTs.

Alternatively you could consider building a boat from the plans available from the association, from a kit supplied by our builder, or buy a new boat from our builder.

Unfortunately nothing is being advertised at present.

But do follow us on twitter as "@sailsignet" for latest news including secondhand boats and gear, or return to this website.

Alternatively SigneT latest news can be seen on its own - without a twitter account - at

ST909 - Includes:

Road trailer and launching trolley.
Foil sails mainsail, cut down genoa and spinnaker.
Super spars mast.
Foil sails boat cover.
Rudder stock in aluminium with
3 rudder blades.
2 centreboards

£3000 o.n.o.

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For further information call Mr T Rogers on 01590 671519 (evenings only).

ST868 - Includes:

Road trailer and launching trolley.
Sails – 1 x main, 1 x jib, 1 x Genoa, Rigging.
Mast and Boom
Boat cover
2 x Trestles

£1300 o.n.o.

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Phone John Kenworthy – 07921382955 or email

Available FREE to anyone who wants to take on a serious restoration project. This is the hull of Signet Dinghy ST 43 (Slithy Tove). It was built in 1962 by Peter Monk who raced it successfully for many years. Indeed it was the National Champion in 1964 at the first race of the Signet Class at Burnham on Crouch, Essex.
I have owned the dinghy for the last 12 years. I tidied it up on acquisition and had a lot of fun with it, my girlfriend (now wife) even sailed it round the Norfolk broads, camping on board. However over the last 8 years or so the boat has been left unused at the back of the garden, upturned on its trailer without a cover. Consequently the elements have taken their toll, and she is now in need of major repair work.

She will certainly need re-decking, and possibly a lot of the outer hull replacing. She will also need fitting out as her various fittings were removed long ago. I don’t have the time or woodworking skills to repair her, and so regretfully must let her go. I am hoping that someone in the Signet Association would like to save her, given her early number and racing history. If no one comes forward by the end of March however, she will have to be cut up and lost forever as we no-longer have space to store her.
The pictures should give you an idea of the scale of the project.

We are based on the Essex /Suffolk Boarder between Colchester and Ipswich – about 1 hour from Junction 28 of the M25 if travelling from London, or about an hour from Cambridge if you are travelling from that direction.
You will need a suitable trailer for collection.

If you are interested in saving ST43 for future generations please email James on (further photos available on request).

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