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SigneT Nationals 2008 Chichester Yacht Club

Race 2, Monday 4th August

It is dry and sunny with a fair breeze. Force 3-4 and gusting. All 9 boats have made it to the start line. Tom in ST41 has another crew putting another Whiteside on the water but luckily for me it was Sarah he persuaded. Mike Overs in ST914 was seen with a drill at his transom just before he launched.

At the start ST192 led ST858 over the line followed by ST914, ST690, ST368, ST377, ST919, ST761 & ST41. There was some good tacking on the leg that bought the fleet all back together by the time they got to the first mark. At the wing mark on this figure of 8 course ST368 were first round but their sail dragged on the mark so they were going to get slowed down by a penalty. ST192 followed closely then ST919, ST377, ST858, ST914, ST41, ST690, ST761. ST761 also hit the mark and promptly did their 360 penalty. The course then took them out of site of the clubhouse. ST192 were first back into view on the long run followed by ST919 and then a long drop back to ST368, ST914, ST858, ST377, another long gap back to ST690, ST761, and finally ST41. No spinnakers were flown on this long run it was windy enough. At the leward mark the order stayed the same. ST368 appeared to stall mid tack after a near capsize and fell back down the fleet as they did the beat back up to the wing mark.

The order it was rounded was ST192, ST919, ST914, ST377, ST858, ST690, ST41, ST761 and ST368 bringing up the rear. The fleet was spreading out as the white horses on the water became more prominent. As they came back into site on the run ST192 had pulled further ahead at the front of the fleet. ST919 closely followed by ST914 were next. ST377 were next into view followed by ST858 and ST690. There was then a noteable gap back to ST761 and ST368. ST41 were no where in site. At the finish ST192 had a good lead. ST914 and ST919 was too close to call from the bank as to who got 2nd place. Then ST858, ST377 and ST690 in close succession. Then it was ST761 and ST368. Finally ST41 came back in to sight looking very low in the water and not appearing to sail the course. He then headed on to the leward mark and the final beat to the finish.

Reports from the sailors after they returned to shore were that Rob Britton fell out of ST368 out of site and were then furiously bailing. Mike Overs fell out of the boat after the finish line. The toe strap snapped. ST919 think they only had 3rd on the line as their highfield lever slipped and they lost jib power. Will has a screw loose (ST690!) He also fell off the jetty as he tried to get ashore at the end of the race.

Final positions were ST192, ST914, ST919, ST858, ST377, ST690, ST761, ST368, ST41.

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