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SigneT Nationals 2008 Chichester Yacht Club

Race 3, Monday 4th August

There was a 15 to 20 minute postponement of this race as word spread down the south coast of 18 knot gusting to 22 knot winds. However after ensuring adequate safety was on the water the boats left for the committee boat starting line. Helms and Crews remain the same as the earlier race today.

A very close start with ST192 Bobberdee just getting the acceleration to lead as windward boat. ST192 were first round the 1st mark, then ST368, ST914, ST690, ST858, ST761, ST919, ST377, ST41. The course has remained the same figure of 8 as this morning so on this beat ST192 extended their lead out of sight of the clubhouse. As they came back on the run ST192 are still leading, followed by ST914, shortly followed by ST858 who then moved up into 2nd place but ST914 are keeping close on their tail. The order of the rest of the fleet was ST919, ST368, ST761, ST690, ST377 and then ST41. At the leward mark ST192 led ST858 and ST914 in quick succession. Next group round were ST919, ST761, ST377 who had taken ST690 on that run. Final boat round was ST41.

The lead 3 stayed in position for the wing mark with ST192 again pulling away. The next group of ST919, ST368, ST377 and ST761 were the next round shortly followed by ST690 who had dropped back a fair bit and ST41 who had fallen even further behind.

ST192 led the run with a gap back to ST914 who had now pulled well ahead of ST858 who have ST919 hot on their heals. ST368, ST377 and ST761 were next in a close threesome. ST690 followed after a fair gap and then a long gap back to ST41. At the leward mark ST858 and ST919 were neck and neck following ST192 and ST914 round. The gaps were opening up further on this leg. ST192 still leading, ST914, ST919, ST858 all with gaps in between. ST368 had a problem on the wing mark appearing to park on it and ST377 and then ST761 both passed and pulled well away. ST368 then retarted but ST690 were now hot on their heals and by the next mark pulled ahead of ST368. ST41 were bringing up the rear. The wind has dropped as ST192 continue to lead on the final run. ST914 followed after a long gap. Another long wait and then ST919 with a shorter gap back to ST858. ST377 were the next boat to appear after a long gap with a good lead on ST761. Then neck and neck were ST368 and ST690, June just pulling ahead as they began the run but already ST690 pulling back for a good tussle. On the last mark ST690 rounded it particularly poorly letting ST368 get ahead. It was later explained as a necessary block had come off the boom. While we were busy watching this the lead boats were finishing. Final placings were ST192, ST914, ST919, ST858, ST377, ST761, ST368, ST690, ST41.

All boats had finished except ST41 who capsized on the final mark and drifted straight away from his crew Sarah. She was rescued by the rescue boat as Tom drifted to the far shore with his boat. Sarah then rejoined ST41 which was righted and they continued on to the finish line.

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