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SigneT Nationals 2008 – Chichester Yacht Club

Race 4 (incorporating Helm Invite), Wednesday 6th August

The afternoon starts are really agreeing with the fleet. Especially as we had a late night after our lay day. It was Chinese Takeaway for 38 at Keith and Madeline’s. Roy really impressed us with his entertaining skills.

The winds are a lot lighter today we think a F2 -3 although it was posted on the marina as F4-5! Perhaps that was out of the channel or perhaps it is the same every day? The sun is out so we are happy on the bank.

The port end of the starting line was favourable. ST914 and ST192 have gone to leeward of the fleet. ST761 appeared to have a good start. As they crossed the channel it was interesting to watch how the flow of the tide was affecting the directions of the boats. At the first mark it was ST761 in the lead followed by ST858 then ST192, ST914, ST368, ST919, ST377, ST690, and a fair way back to ST41. Spinnakers were flown by ST858, ST914, ST919 and also ST41 (which we were pleased to see as a lot of people had helped rig it on the shore). At the far mark it was first reached by ST761, ST858, ST192, ST368, ST914, ST377, ST919 and ST690 in quick succession. Those with the spinnakers appeared to get pulled away from the mark. Finally ST41 made the mark. We think they got distracted by their spinnaker flying. At the next mark Lizzy in ST761 had pulled out a bit of a lead from Bobberdee ST192 now in second place, Plop ST914 were third. Keith in ST858 raised his spinnaker and it was working far more effectively on this leg. ST368 and ST919 both tacked early compared with the rest of the fleet who remained hugging the bank longer. ST690 looks to have done well on this leg. She hugged the bank even more then was able to cross the channel pointing much higher.

The bias on the shore showed as all interested parties claimed lead boat depending on who they were related to or wanted to win. First to the perch mark was ST761 with a substantial lead then ST368 who again had a good lead on 3rd place ST914, then ST919, ST192, ST377, ST858 and ST690 in quick succession. ST914 and ST919 both raised spinnakers but not seeming to be having much effect. ST858 also attempted to raise their spinnaker but it seemed to take a while for them to get it flying. ST761 were still the lead boat at the last mark on lap 1 followed more closely by ST368, ST919, ST914 and ST192, ST858, ST690 and ST377. Meanwhile ST41 still on the previous leg are once again flying their spinnaker.

At the windward mark on the second lap, Lizzy in ST761 and Richard in ST368 were pulling out a lead from the rest. Pat (ST919), Mike (ST914), Keith (ST858), Simon (ST192), Will (ST690) and John (ST377) were in close contention behind. The first three of these all raised spinnakers to try and gain advantage. At the far mark ST761 was down to an 11 second lead over ST368. 3rd round was ST919 with a reasonable lead over ST914, then ST858 and ST192. ST919 then seemed to drop back behind all of them. 7th round was ST690 just ahead of ST377. Now 2 legs behind Tom and Sarah in ST41 are still showing us they know how to use their spinnaker.

At the next mark ST761 only had a 4 second lead over ST368, then ST914 pulling away from ST858 together ST919 then ST192 right on their tales. ST690 and ST377 followed behind. Bad tacking to Perch has allowed Richard to pull away from Lizzy. ST914, ST858 and ST919 were next round and then ST690 and ST377 dead level. There was a long gap back to ST192 who really are not doing well on that leg..

Final places were ST368, ST761, ST914, ST858, ST919, ST377, ST192, ST690, ST41.

ST919 infringed a big Laser out of sight and had to do a 720 hence they lost their 3rd place. ST690 drifted into ST192 hence they fell back when they did a penalty.

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