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SigneT Nationals 2008 – Chichester Yacht Club

Race 5, Thursday 7th August

All 9 boats took to the water for the final championship race of the week with the first championship place still to play for. The winds are not as heavy as earlier in the week about a force 2 – 3 but rising, and happily for those of us on the shore the sun is again shining.

At the start the fleet was split as to which end of the line they used. ST914 led ST192 off down the estuary whereas ST41 led ST368 back towards the harbour entrance. First to Mark 1 was ST368 followed by ST377 both of whom had moved early to the centre channel. Next was ST 192 then ST761 shortly followed by ST690, ST914, ST919, ST858 and ST41 all very close together. There was some shouting heard right back on the bank. A short run for the next mark kept the order the same except ST914 who gained a place ahead of ST690 who then slipped back another place on their way to the next mark. Richard led the fleet back into the visible estuary with a fair lead over ST377. Simon in Bobberdee ST192 and Lizzy in Signo Vinces ST761 battled for 3rd place. We’re not sure if there were technical difficulties but ST192 pulled away on the run as Lizzy kept tacking off with a flappy jib. Close on her tail now are ST914, then ST41, ST919, ST690 & ST858. The order as they rounded perch was ST368, ST377, ST192, ST761, ST914, ST919, ST914 – The first spinnaker was raised by ST858 on that last leg but they were still being kept level by ST690. Keeping their spinnaker raised as they rounded nearly had them capsizing and put them well back on ST690. On the first beat leg of this course the boats changed tactics with ST368 hugging the bank more and ST761 crossing early into the channel.. At the first mark ST368 were still lead boat with a long lead over 2nd place ST377 who were being caught by ST192 who in turn had a good lead over ST914 and ST761 with only one boat length ahead of ST919 closely followed by St690. There was a fight for 8th & 9th between ST41 and ST858. ST41 stalled at the mark and started to sail backwards letting St858 get away.

At the far mark out of the estuary St368 still led but ST192 now in 2nd place had a good lead over ST377. ST761 took 4th place over St914 as they rounded the mark. ST690 were 6th followed by ST919. ST41 were next then a long gap back to ST858. Their spinnaker flying was getting them into a proper pickle. On the run ST192 were closing on ST368 as the wind kept increasing. ST377 were about 8 boat lengths behind but holding on to them. ST914 and ST761 are still at loggerheads for 4th and 5th with ST914 just ahead as they round perch. They are then about 8 boat lengths back to ST690 and the same gap again back to ST919 who in desperation raised a spinnaker. St41 were round next with a long gap back to ST858 who again capsized with their spinnaker up.

Final placings were 1st ST368, 2nd ST192, 3rd ST377, 4th ST690, 5th ST914, 6th ST761, 7th ST919, 8th ST41, 9th ST858.

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