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SigneT Nationals 2008 Chichester Yacht Club

Crew Invite Race, Wednesday 6th August

Taking part are:
ST914 Helmed by Craig Adams crewed by Mike Overs
ST690 Helmed by Hannah Whiteside crewed by Will Davies
ST41 Helmed by Sarah Adams (nee Whiteside) crewed by Tom Field
ST192 Helmed by Stephen Whiteside crewed by Simon Mann
So a family affair so far!
ST919 Helmed by Jonathan Leeding crewed by Pat Overs
ST377 Helmed by Steve Leeding crewed by John Pratt
Another family tussle?
ST761 Helmed by Roy Melsom crewed by Lizzy Overs
ST858 Helmed by Mike Baker crewed by Keith Hatton>

ST368 did not enter.

The wind was up on the earlier race but shifty as they left the bank and soon dropping down again. Jonathan in ST919 and Hannah in ST690 both had a spinnaker practice before the start. ST690 were even seen to gybe with their spinnaker up show offs! We are just hoping they remember they have to head back to the start line.

We missed the start but it was delayed as the fast fleet were late getting to the line.. There was no sense of direction that we could see amongst the fleet. We later found out that the wind died off completely and it was a good 5 minutes before some of them even crossed the line. When we eventually found their first mark the lead SigneT was ST761. They made it with difficulty and had to put into an extra tack. ST919 were next after coming up much higher and then doing a 180 degree turn on the mark. Third round were ST377. The slow drifting was strangely exciting. Who would drift to the mark next? Fourth round were ST858. Meanwhile Hannah in ST690 appeared to be heading for the Isle of Wight. Craig in ST914 then passed right in front of ST192 to tack and take his wind. So fifth round was ST914 who then raised the black pig. ST192 had to put in another tack to make the mark. They then reached desperation and dangled their spinnaker. They were closely followed by ST41 also raising their spinnaker but deciding then not to bother and taking it down straight away. Eventually Hannah deciding not to visit the needles, rounded the mark and then put up her spinnaker. ST192 and ST41 both gybed with their spinnaker but ST690 took hers down before the mark.

Due to the poor wind it was a one lap race. At the rear ST690 and ST41 battled for last place, with spinnakers flying ST690 appeared to pull ahead over the line. However we called it wrong on the bank and Auntie Sarah held her place leaving Hannah at the rear of the fleet.

Final positions were ST761, ST919, ST377, ST858, ST914, ST192, ST41, ST690

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