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SigneT Nationals 2008 Chichester Yacht Club

Singlehanded Race, Thursday 7th August

The competitors for this race in decent winds were:

Simon Mann in ST192
Mike Overs in ST914
Lizzy Overs in ST761
Tom Field in ST41
Pat Overs in ST919
Will Davies in ST690.

The start had been published as 5.05pm but in fact started 15 minutes early and Will completely missed it as he went for a cruise up the creek. Simon in ST192 took a strong lead over the line. Pat in ST919 looked to have made it up to 2rd place with good tactics up to the first mark. With Simon still in 1st place, Mike in ST914 has dropped back to 4th place and Tom in ST41 is in 3rd. At the windward mark it is Simon, Pat, Tom, Mike and Lizzy. At this point it looked like Will had made the start line but he then headed towards the shore as he was several legs behinc. Lizzy and Mike were busy luffing each other again. As they head for the far estuary mark Simon is round first, followed by Pat and then Tom. There was a long gap back to ST914, then ST761. Simon pulled well ahead as he rounded the Birdham mark. Pat is in 2nd and 3rd is Tom. There is then a fair gap to Mike in ST914 then Lizzy in ST761. Pat has gained on Simon on that run and at perch closed the gap to down to about 3 boat lengths. As they pass mark number 4 Simon is still just ahead of Pat, Tom is still 3rd. Mike in 4th then Lizzy. At this point Will arrived back at the club.

On the second lap Simon stretched back his lead still followed by Pat then Tom, Mike and finally Lizzy. Tom is shadowing Pat well. As Simon reached Mark 2 Mike reached Mark 1 yanking his boom in to miss the buoy. Simon has pulled a very good lead over Pat as he reached mark number 3. Pat rounded in 2nd having pulled a little way ahead of Tom. Mike retained 4th having pulled well ahead of Lizzy. At the finish the positions remained the same.

The only capsize of the race was before the start by Mike Overs in ST914.

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