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Paxton Lakes SigneT Open Meeting 2009

Paxton Lakes SigneT open meeting 2009 Report and Results

Report (by Jenny Overs)

Saturday saw 6 boats on the start line for the first race: ST368 June with Richard Cannon and Rob Britton, ST522 Joker with Chris and Michael Whiteside, ST761 Signo Vinces with Elizabeth Davies (nee Overs) and Roy Melsom, ST690 Welsh Lady with Will Davies and Hannah Whiteside, ST919 with Jonathan Leeding and Pat Overs and finally ST377 Cast Off with John Pratt and Steve Leeding. John and Margaret Pryor were the Race Officers and Pat and Cate Whiteside manned the Galley.

The sun was out but there were some choppy gusts of wind. ST522 took a leisurely start with their lesser experienced crew. ST368 did an early 720 penalty letting ST761 and ST690 get a strong lead. However by the 2nd mark ST761 had dropped back to 4th with ST368 in the lead. The second lap saw the positions remain as ST368, ST690, ST377, ST761, ST919 and finally ST522. The latter 2 boats did some serious hiking as they passed the islands and in the mean time ST377 crept up into 2nd place on the run. ST690 and ST761 took fantastic tacks on their way to mark number 2 and caught back up and into 2nd and 3rd places respectively right on the tail of ST368. By the next mark ST761 had taken 2nd place. On the beat the 3 leaders were tacking very closely, covering each other all the way. ST 761 took the lead at the start of lap 3 covering well. ST368 broke tack at the end of the beat and arrived at the mark with ST761 so they were dead level as they started the run. There was more synchronised mark rounding at the end of the run before ST368 again pulled out a lead. ST690 were still very much in contention in 3rd place. As the stronger gusts and shifting winds arrived ST522 retired. That non slip paint still wasn’t doing the job and this time Michael had a bump on the head. The following lap ST368 pulled out a slight lead as ST690 gained on ST761 who were fighting to keep the boat flat. On the final lap they spread out into a procession finishing with ST368, ST761, ST690, ST377 and ST919. Chris needs to go back to knot school as we watched ST522 break away from the shore to cross the line but John Pryor refused to finish the unmanned boat.

ST522 stayed on the shore for race 2 (it was getting gustier) as the other boats lined up on the port biased line. ST761 hit the line perfectly at speed and passed ST377 who had stopped dead on the line. ST368 bought up the rear as they passed behind the far island. On Lap 2 ST761 was still leading over ST919, ST377, ST690 and ST368 – all were very close. At the end of the beat ST690 and ST377 came together and ST690 did a 720 letting ST368 up into 3rd with ST919 dropping to the rear. It appeared in post race discussions that it was the mark that ST690 hit and therefore only needed a 360. At the end of the lap ST919 appeared to be washing their spinnaker – but at least they had one on board and weren’t afraid to show it. Once they remembered what to do with it it flew well although they brought it down a little early. ST377 and ST38 were having a tussle letting ST761 pull further ahead. Despite a wobble ST377 held 2nd place. ST919 again flew their spinnaker and it was a lot smoother. On lap 5 ST761 stalled and started sailing backwards. We believe that hubby in ST690 was not offering helpful advice but never the less they pulled themselves together and the 1˝ leg lead that they had was enough for them to hold their position. ST919 faltered in the same spot. Is there some strange Vortex near mark number 2? On the final lap the wind increased and ST377 and ST368 were bearing down on ST761. ST90 was pulling a good lead over ST919 at the rear. ST761 again stalled this time at the Gybe mark and struggled to stay flat. ST377 put in a well timed starboard call for them to take the lead on the penultimate lap. ST368 stayed right on ST761’s tail both showing some fantastic planing. ST377 sailed down the line rather than across it letting ST761 take 1st and ST368 2nd before realising and picking up a disappointing 3rd place. ST690 crossed in 4th with ST919 in 5th.

After a delicious cream tea 5 boats again gathered at the start between marks 8 and 9 – all favouring the starboard end. ST761, ST690 and ST368 started first with ST761 calling starboard on ST690. We already know that Will wears the skirt. At the first mark ST368 led ST761, ST377, ST690 and ST919 bought up the rear. As they started the run ST761 and ST377 led ST368. The islands were bought into play with ST761 passing in front and ST377 behind. The rest of the fleet also passed in front. There was no change in the positions at the next mark and not advantage or disadvantage was evident. On lap 2 ST761 pulled out a lead from ST377 with ST368, ST690 and ST919 fighting closely for positions behind them. ST377 and ST690 opted for behind the islands. Lap 3 saw ST761 pulling further ahead. There was a starboard call on ST368 by ST377. ST368 took avoiding action. The island obstacle did not work with ST377 on this lap as ST368 passed in front and pulled up into 2nd place. Laps 4 and 5 continued with ST761 leading by the length of the lake, ST368 pulling away from ST377 followed by ST690 and ST919. By Lap 6 ST368 had reduced ST761’s lead and ST690 were catching ST377. The race finished with ST761 leading, ST368, ST377, ST690 and ST919 bought up the rear.

After the boats were packed up we all retired Chez Overs for the now traditional Chinese. Even though we had quite a few regulars missing the table was full.


Sailed:3, Discards:1, To count:2, Ratings:PY, Entries:6, Scoring system:My scoring system

Position Boat Class SailNo Helm Crew Club R1 R2 R3 Total Nett Notes
1st Signo Vinces SigneT 761 R Melsom E Davies Paxton Lakes (2.0) 1.0 1.0 4.0 2.0  
2nd June SigneT 368 R Cannon R Britton Aquarius 1.0 (2.0) 2.0 5.0 3.0  
3rd Cast off SigneT 377 J Pratt S Leeding Paxton Lakes (4.0) 3.0 3.0 10.0 6.0  
4th Welsh Lady SigneT 690 W Davies H Whiteside Paxton Lakes 3.0 (4.0) 4.0 11.0 7.0  
5th Signficant Other SigneT 919 J Leeding P Overs Paxton Lakes (5.0) 5.0 5.0 15.0 10.0  
6th Joker SigneT 522 C Whiteside M Whiteside Paxton Lakes (7.0 DNF) DNC DNC 21.0 14.0  

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