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2023 SigneT Programme:

After a difficult few years for everyone, we really appreciate the hard work that is being undertaken by the clubs to accommodate us, and schedule events for us this season.

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SigneT sailing and racing

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29th April 2023: Hunts SigneT Open - Hunts SC
One of our classic and friendly venues where we join in with both Hunts SC and the Classic & Vintage Racing Dinghy Association (CVRDA)

Open Meeting Results.

27th/28th May 2023: Frensham Pond SigneT Open - Frensham Pond SC
One of our classic and friendly venues.

Open Meeting Results.
Open Meeting Event report.

10th-11th June 2023: SigneT60 tribute voyage in aid of RNLI and Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust.
This year marks the 60th anniversary of SigneTs first completing the Dover to Calais voyage (1963).
See more at Signet60 page.

15th/16th July 2023: Broadstairs SigneT Open - Broadstairs SC Results
A lovely seaside town, and our only tidal open meeting, this is a great opportunity to have a proper shakedown before the National Championships. Two days of races.

It was a very windy weekend! Click here for the Event Report.

13th - 18th August 2023: SigneT National Championships, Brixham YC
A new venue to the SigneT class, this year's ST Nationals are being held jointly with the Miracle Nationals.

Entry to the SigneT and Miracle National Championships at Brixham Yacht Club is now open!

This can be accessed and completed online via the Brixham YC website . Through this link you can access:
- Entry form
- Parent/guardian declaration
- Notice of race

Please note that the fee this year is payable directly to the class, as we have done in the past. Details of this are outlined on the form. It is also possible to add additional evening meals through the entry form.

Brixham YC SigneT Nationals Competitor list and sailwave results will be posted here.

16th - 17th September 2023: Paxton Lakes SigneT Opens - Paxton Lakes Sailing Club, Little Paxton, Cambridgeshire

    SigneT Open Meeting on 16th Results
    SigneT Towy Nail trophy on 17th Results
(concludes the 2023 Travellers Series)
A nice relaxed weekend at a venue familiar to most, followed by our 2023 Season Prizegiving.
2023 SigneT Open Events poster, also on our Social Media
SigneT Travellers Series: results to date (provisional) will be placed here as they emerge

Congratulations to Hunts SC SigneT Open winners - and their first win:
John Panting and Frank Goodall

Hunts SC SigneT Open winners, John Panting and Frank Goodall
SigneT during exciting racing at Frensham Pond SigneT Open Meeting
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SigneTs taking part in the inter-club Mid-Thames Trophy at Littleton SC on 7th May 2011
John Panting in SunseT, ST924
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2010 SigneT National Champions:

See Events/Results for more on the championships.